Passing Through

As a volunteer with the LaGrange Troup County Humane Society, there are many joys; having new dogs available for adoption, playing with the dogs, welcoming new volunteers, seeing the eyes of a child light up when they get a new forever friend, and seeing how the dogs react when they realize they found a family.  Many dogs and people pass through my world through the Humane Society.

Recently, a little dog by the name of Beanie passed through. Beanie was surrendered after her owner died. This little dog was buried under a mass of hair and was so sad. She would not even lift her head to look at us from her temporary crate. Beanie was grieving. She was lost without her life person. Her situation was breaking my heart. As I relayed her story to my big hearted husband, he asked if she could spend the weekend with us at home. As an authorized medical foster home, she joined our pack until she could go to her new adoptive home.

My three little dogs (including a foster fail) were very accepting of this new addition to the pack. She spent some time exploring the house and the yard. Right away it became apparent Beanie had some special needs. Something was definitely wrong. While working to get her to the vet, she had a spa day. When she returned from the groomers she was clean, soft, and smelled wonderful. Without all the mass of hair, it was easy to see her full skeleton. No dog should ever be this thin.

During the coming days we both doted on this little ball of fur. I continued to discover how sick she actually was. She spent the evening first in my husband’s lap being petted and loved and later next to me. She was growing weaker. Something was wrong, very very wrong. Our dogs let her be the main focus of their humans. They knew she needed us.

As the house settled in for the night, I made the decision to spend every moment with Beanie. Beanie and I settled in one of the beds and soft blankets she liked. I continuously petted and spoke softly to her assuring her she was a sweet, good girl, and loved. At 1:57 a.m. Beanie left my home to cross the rainbow bridge and be reunited with her human Momma who left this earthly world before her.

While Beanie was only passing through our life, she touched our hearts deeply. I grieve not only for her passing, but also for the grief she endured. She was 9 years old. She may have had a serious illness or maybe she simply grieved herself to death. We will never know. What I do know is the last six days of her life were filled with love and pampering. I would do it all again, and will continue to help the dogs and cats that are simply passing through my life through my time spent at the Humane Society. Some will bring sadness, but many more will bring joy. Embrace the experiences you gain from those passing through your life.